Refacing includes:

  • Customize/Balance the facing curve
  • Optimize the baffle for proper venting and tone quality
  • Match the rails to your reed profile
  • Modify the tip opening slightly, if desired
  • Flatten the table

Mouthpieces with their original facing (and not significantly damaged) can always be refaced successfully.  Mouthpieces previously refaced can sometimes be reworked.  If the target outcome can’t be achieved for any reason, I will consult with you directly to determine the appropriate plan of action.

Service Fee:

  • $100-$150 for Hard Rubber, Plastic, Wood
  • $150-$200 for Brass
  • $200-$250 for Dukoff/Saxworks
  • $250-$400 for Stainless Steel

15% discount for lots of 3 or more.

Payment Options:

  • U.S. Bank Check or USPS Money Order.  International checks accepted if issued through a U.S. bank.
  • PayPal accepted for credit card and international transactions.

Other services (additional fees apply):

  • Significant tip opening changes
  • Significant baffle modification
  • Cosmetic repair
  • Biteplate repair
  • Beak shaping
  • Chip and crack repair
  • Shank bore reduction on metal mouthpieces – providing a tighter fit on the neck

NOTE: Cosmetic work is intended to improve the appearance – not necessarily make the piece “like new” (though that may very well be the outcome!)  Some damage may still be partially visible after repair.

Services NOT available:

  • Shank crack repair
  • Re-plating
  • Modification of original trademarks/facing markings
  • Performing miracles.  Some pieces are essentially beyond repair

Premier Mouthpiece Refacing and Customization